Large format. Three-dimensional. Advanced.

Our company offers the potential for services that have format. Manoeuvring areas, production facilities and machine equipment form the frame in which we represent best performances every day. Our technical solutions are always orientated on tomorrow.


We understand ourselves as a company that offers services for engineering, the manufacturing and processing of workpieces in metal. In doing so, we view metal-cutting manufacture and non-metal-cutting manufacturing methods being in the focus just as cutting and non-cutting machining technologies. We combine the preferences of different methods and are a One-Stop-Shop - from detailed planning to the completed semi-finished product.



Being a manufacturer of turnkey modules, we expand our level of production and maximise the sourcing potential of our customers. The consequence in the dimensioning of parts lists from increased functionality of the parts is an expression of our competence in components manufacturing. Leading companies place their trust in us and together with us, continue developing their products in the direction of perfection.




We follow a clear philosophy:
"Less is more".

Particular materials, special workpiece properties and the closest tolerances are factors that we challenge, not to experience our position as service provider specialist every day, but to optimise them sustainably.