Metal services with triple A

Aigner Albrecht Anlagenbau is a competence centre and service provider for leading customers on the market in the fields of conveyor systems, building construction and tooling as well as manufacturer of innovative XTEND road surface expansion joints.


For our customers, it is not only decisive what we do, but also how we do it. The concentration of our production technologies has the power to implement technological developments in a productively effective manner.


Distinctive characteristics of the relationship with out customers is the outsourcing partnership. Flexibility in the course of the project and orientation to a maximum on the production plans of our customers is a criteria of customer satisfaction for the reliable supply with the highest quality in our production.


We work in conjunction with the development and assembly departments at our customers. Short reaction times and quick project throughput bring innovations decisively quicker to the market. And end products into the supply chain much quicker.

„Everyone said: That can't be done.
Then someone came along who was not aware of that and simply did it.“

Free adapted from Goran Kikic